a christmas father…

christmas father

With only two more days until Christmas, my heart and mind turn towards “the reason for the season”, my Lord Jesus Christ, and for good reason. It is a celebration of our Savior, who left heaven, became human like us, all to bring His Father glory and eventually die for all of us. I can think of no better reason to celebrate! But, as I think about Christmas this year, I have been thinking about things from a different perspective, that of the Heavenly Father. Being a father myself, it brings a very different and deep meaning to this season.

As a father, my first thought is about what the Father sacrificed. He sent His one and only Son to the earth and in some way removing Him from His presence. And He didn’t just send Him to earth, to hang out with the lowly humans for a while, but to eventually become the very thing the Father was not. I tend to belittle this point, thinking about it in the same light as if my son were to become a Raiders fan (I shudder at the thought). But the reality is that the Father knew His Son would eventually be tortured by the very people He came to save and would BECOME their sins, not just take them on Himself like a coat. Jesus became the exact opposite of what He had been and what His Father was….pure sin. And He did all of this to save me?!? I don’t know about you, but when I think about the idea of me giving up one of my precious boys for someone else, I can be honest that it is not a long thought process. No offense, but NO WAY. But then to give up my boy for someone who would torture and kill him, rather than accept His gift to them? I cannot imagine how the Father was filled with anything but rage, not compassion and love.

But, another perspective came to me recently. The Heavenly Father gave up His one and only Son for me, true. But who am I? His son. That’s right, the Father gave up His Son for me, His child. This idea tends to put my mind into knots when I think and process through it, but in essence, He sacrificed His beloved to save His beloved, me. Unfortunately, when I insert myself into this situation, I come up horribly short of our Heavenly Father. At first, my mind tries to rationalize it by making it a mathematical equation: sacrificing His one Son for millions or billions of His children. Sounds pretty rational and understandable, right? Again, my honest response would be short and sweet….NO WAY. That’s MY son! NO way I could give him up for someone else, or even lots of someone else’s. And I cannot even think about sacrificing one of my boys to save his sister or other brothers. Sacrifice myself for one of them? In a heartbeat. But give up one of them? I just couldn’t do it.

I don’t know about you, but this reality brings a whole new personal impact to me and the Christmas season. It is a celebration of the arrival of my Lord and Savior, but also a deep and truly unbelievable, inconceivable love from the Heavenly Father. And when I try to apply this to myself and my role as a father, all I can do is be more humbled and deeply grateful. Grateful to a Son who chose to give up His Heavenly position to come to an earth filled with sinful, angry, lost people and to voluntarily die for each and every one of them, including the worst of them, me. But, I am also grateful to Father who loves like me and hurts like me but was still willing to do what I could never do.


Talk about Amazing Grace…

(This post was originally posted on the Dad Matters blog page)


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