tiny tim, a mouse and more…

Tiny tim a mouse and more

With Thanksgiving only two days away, I have been doing some thinking about this past year and the amazing things that cause me to give thanks. It is easy to go around the table at Thanksgiving, ask everyone what they are thankful for, and hear the usual answers like, “I am thankful for my family” or “I am thankful for Jesus.” Now, don’t get me wrong, both answers are awesome and VERY true, but this year I wanted to go a little deeper and decided to think about each member of my family and what each of them has taught or shown me.

Treshia – my beloved bride. I cannot even begin to list all of the incredible things that she has done for me, and our family, over these past twelve years of marriage. But the one thing that my best friend has given to me is a sense of beauty and color that I never had before. Prior to marrying her, I was living a life dedicated to being single and living life to the fullest….for myself. Yes, I carried about some other people, mainly my closest friends, but the idea of serving and loving others first was not really my strong point. When Treshia came into my life, she opened my eyes to the beauty of loving others first, and how to love more deeply than I thought possible. And that depth of love brought my life from black & white to living color, with all of its pains, heartaches, triumphs and joys.

Abbie – my little Mouse. When my wife gave birth to our first child and I held my little girl in my arms, everything changed. In an instant, it was no longer about me but about this little one. Instantly, I grew up and changed. My little girl has taught me maturity and how to live for someone else.

Zach – my Buddy. My man child. Joy & laughter. That’s what my buddy has taught me. How to laugh…and have joy. His quirky sense of humor, his crazy antics, his ticklishness and his laugh bring a smile to my face every time I think of him. I cannot tell you how many times the Lord has brought him to mind when I am stressed or struggling and I just break into smile.

JT – my Boo Boo. To quote Thomas the Tank Engine, “…then an idea flew into his funnel…and then there was trouble.” My little whirlwind is a 90-mph ball of energy who is a trouble-seeking missile. And he also has joy coming out of his pores. He has taught me how to be more patient by stopping my initial reactions and seeing life through his eyes. My Jackson has shown me frustration and exhaustion at times, but always has offered the opportunity for something very valuable to me….a look inside myself. He is a three year old me and he reminds me to enjoy life, live life and do it with passion.

Timothy – my Teddy Bear. Where do I start? This past year has been the most difficult one of my life….and I would not trade it for anything. Through the trials, the pains, the fears, the celebrations and the exhaustion, my Timothy has taught me the beauty of life. He has shown me how to see life through our Lord’s loving eyes and to begin to see His image in everyone. He has taught me joy and happiness through trials and pains.

As you can see, my cup truly overflows and I am DEEPLY grateful for my blessings. This season, I would encourage you to stop for a moment and look at the people in your life and see what they have taught you. How have they blessed you? How have they changed you? How have they been God’s teacher in your life? Maybe pick out one thing that they have given to you that has changed you. And then, most importantly, TELL THEM. Sit down with your kids and thank them for teaching you and for helping you to be a better man than you would have been without them. Thank your bride for putting up with you (we’re guys, so yes, they put up with a lot) and for giving you the honor of being her husband.

In closing, I also want to thank all of the readers of this blog who have prayed for our family, sent us kind words of encouragement and who have supported us this past year. Please know that you have meant more than you will ever know. And I am so humbled.

Thank you.

(This post was originally posted on the Dad Matters blog page)


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