the big “e” and rest…


In 1942, the U.S.S. Enterprise was one of only two aircraft carriers fighting for the United States in the Pacific during World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in late 1941, the U.S. naval fleet was decimated and, while every ship was valuable, the carriers were indispensable. By mid-1942, the United States had begun to fight back against the Japanese and began their “island hopping” campaign across the South Pacific, taking one painful, bloody island at a time. On October 26, planes from the Enterprise discovered a Japanese carrier force and the infamous Battle of the Santa Cruz began. As both sides exchanged blows with their attack planes, the U.S.S. Hornet was brutally attacked and was sunk. Though the battle was a victory for the U.S. forces, the Enterprise took serious damage in the battle. She also was now the only American carrier in the Pacific theatre.

The Enterprise and her crew limped their way back to the naval base at New Caledonia and began repairs on October 30. Now Admiral William “Bull” Halsey was faced with a difficult decision: Should he remove the Enterprise from the Pacific theatre for repairs or keep its presence in the region and risk further damage and possible loss if his last carrier?

For over a month, the Enterprise was repaired at Noumea, with only one short excursion out, and the Navy was without its most powerful weapon. But while the absence of the Enterprise was a serious detriment to the Navy’s effort to defeat the Japanese, Halsey recognized that the Enterprise and her crew would not last long in the war without repairs and rest. The Enterprise would go on to lead the United States to victory in the Pacific War and would be the most decorated ship in U.S. history.

When I look on my life, I want to be God’s Enterprise. I want to be a powerful force for the Lord. I want to push. I want to sacrifice. I want to run and do amazing things for my Heavenly Father. But I don’t do so well when He tells me to slow down or wait.   I want to run and DO things, not rest and “do nothing.“ I feel worthless. There were some in Admiral Halsey’s staff that thought he was making a grave mistake by pulling his most valuable asset. They thought the war effort would suffer a serious, and possibly irretrievable, set-back but Bull knew that the inactivity was critical to equip the Enterprise for the long war ahead of it. At times I get frustrated because God is ”not doing anything with me“ but the reality is that He is preparing me for HIS purpose. He is training and readying me for the function He designed me to fill. There is NO doubt that someday I will look back, like we can on the Enterprise’s role in World War II, and see how God orchestrated things perfectly, but for now I must be patient and trust Him. I must be humble and embrace my time in my New Caledonia.


This last week, my wife and I made the tough decision to choose to rest. I had a business trip scheduled in Orlando, so we decided to use my United miles and Hilton points to have a mini-vacation together. After my business was completed, we drove out to Daytona Beach and spent two days together, sitting on the beach and resting….TRULY resting. It was not until I got back from Florida that I realized how much I needed that rest, and how much I had been fooling myself into thinking that I was resting at home. But I was always busy. Even on the weekends when we chose to stay home and rest, I did chores and worked on projects. My busyness slowed down, but I did not stop….and like the Enterprise, I needed to complete stop in dry dock. I needed quiet, and true rest. But what I also found was that the hardest part of making the decision to go on the trip was not financial but emotional.

Trusting my children into the hands of my mother and my wife’s best friend was MUCH more difficult than I thought. Days before our trip, we struggled with whether we “should” take the trip or not. We fought with guilt over leaving our kids, even for a few days, despite us knowing that they would be in great hands. But together, we made the tough decision to separate ourselves for a few days, to rest and renew. And I can tell you today that my wife and I are stronger physically, mentally, spiritually and martially because of that trip. We NEEDED it, but we had to make the decision and fight the guilt.

Are you in dry dock right now, waiting for God? Or are you in the midst of your assignment, using the gifts and abilities that God equipped you with to fulfill your call? Or do you need to be in dry dock and rest? Do you need to make the tough decision to get away for a few days, reconnect with your wife and come back a new parent? Being unplugged is so difficult but we NEED it.

(This post was originally posted on the Dad Matters blog page)


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