a lesson from my baby boy…

a lesson from my baby boy

Sneeze, sneeze…

Cough, cough, cough…


Now we are moving and rushing to his crib. My wife grabs Timmy and quickly brings him to the bed while I rush to grab the bulb syringe, kleenex and nasal spray. Our baby is struggling to breathe and there is so very little for us to do and yet we are desperate to help him. Timothy is fighting through his third cold in his four short months of life and it feels like he is losing. Why is this happening? Why can’t he just get a break and just be a baby who learns to feed and do the things babies do? Instead, my little warrior seems to have one fight after another to face. It just isn’t fair to him….and if I am honest, I feel like it isn’t fair to me too. Two full time jobs, two kids in school, another child going to the babysitter everyday, a sprinkler system that is leaking, finances in ruin, a hot un-airconditioned house, a never-ending sink full of dishes, carpets that never seem to stay clean, laundry that never ends….yeah, I feel overwhelmed. It just isn’t fair.

And then in the midst of my pity party, I look down at my boy, he looks up at me with those big blue eyes and gives me a big smile that covers his whole face. It stops me dead in my tracks and I feel really convicted. I am feeling sorry for myself because my first world luxuries are bothering me and meanwhile my baby boy finds joy in the midst of being sick. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t somehow blissfully ignorant of his congestion and breathing problems. In fact, it really bothers him and is cries and complains about it. But he also finds little moments of joy in the midst of it all.

And maybe that’s where the lesson is for me. Not some ridiculous “smile through it all, be happy and don’t let your troubles get you down” type of mentality. But instead, choosing to find those brief moments of joy in the midst of life. Choosing to find things to be grateful for, to thank the Lord for, and to share with others. I am a pessimist by nature, so I not only see the glass as half empty, but I am also convinced that it has a crack in it too.

But maybe it is time for me to stop from time to time and thank God for four beautiful children, a warm and comfortable home, a great job, and food on my table? In fact, I think that is exactly when I’m going to do it….when I have food on my plate and when I sit down to eat. I am going to ask the Lord to show me two or three blessings in my life that I can thank Him for. Nothing spectacular, nothing dramatic, but a brief moment to stop and take joy in what I have.

What about you? Are you a pessimist like me, finding it hard to see the good things but only the bad? If so, join me at dinner tonight and let’s thank the Lord for what He has given us. More than we could think, hope, or imagine.

(This post was originally posted on the Dad Matters blog page)


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