Fun Facts, August 20

Friends, I am sorry that I have not posted anything this week. It has been a very crazy time for us and I simply have not had time to write. I hope to start posting again next week, when things “slow down to normal” but in the meantime, here are some fun facts to brighten your day. Blessings!!!!

• Tremendous erosion at the base of Niagara Falls (USA) undermines the shale cliffs and as a result the falls have receded approximately 7 miles over the last 10,000 years.

• A 18th century London literary club was called Kit-Cat Club.

• Over 90% of all fish caught are caught in the northern hemisphere.

• Golf the only sport played on the moon – on 6 February 1971 Alan Shepard hit a golf ball.

• The first pop video was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, released in 1975.

• The very first projection of an image on a screen was made by a German priest. In 1646, Athanasius Kircher used a candle or oil lamp to project hand-painted images onto a white screen.

• Alexander Graham Bell never phoned his wife or mother because they were deaf.

• The United States consumes 25% of all the world’s energy.

• Flying from London to New York by Concord, due to the time zones crossed, you can arrive 2 hours before you leave.

• There is enough fuel in a full tank of a Jumbo Jet to drive an average car four times around the world.

• 40 to 50 percent of body heat can be lost through the head (no hat) as a result of its extensive circulatory network.

• Ian Fleming’s James Bond debuted in the novel “Casino Royale” in 1952.

• In 1994, Chicago artist Dwight Kalb sent David Letterman a statue of Madonna, made of 180lb of ham.

• Bill Klem served the most seasons as major league umpire – 37 years, starting in 1905. He also officated 18 World Series.

• The Beatles song “Martha My Dear” was written by Paul McCartney about his sheepdog Martha.

• In 1894 Thomas Edison and W K L Dickson introduced the first film camera.

• Burt Reynold’s father was the chief of police in West Palm Beach, Florida.

• The surface speed record on the moon is 10.56 miles per hour. It was set with the lunar rover.

• If you could drive to the sun — at 55 miles per hour — it would take about 193 years.

• The moon is one million times drier than the Gobi Desert.


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