Fun Facts, July 23

Well, two more days to go before the weekend. Here are some fun facts for your Thursday to help you make it until we can say “TGIF!” Have a great day!

• The Skylab astronauts grew 1.5 – 2.25 inches (3.8 – 5.7 centimeters) due to spinal lengthening and straightening as a result of zero gravity.

• Barbara Cartland completed a novel every two weeks, publishing 723 novels.

• In the Middle Ages, sugar was a treasured luxury costing 9 times as much as milk.

• Basketball and rugby balls are made from synthetic material. Earlier, pigs’ bladders were used as rugby balls.

• At the first Grammy Awards, held on 4 May 1959, Domenico Modugno beat out Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee for the Record of the Year, with “Volare.”

• During the 1860s, George Leclanche developed the dry-cell battery, the basis for modern batteries.

• The oldest person on record is Methuselah (969 years old).

• It is energy-efficient to turn off a fluorescent light only if it will not be used again within an hour or more. This is because of the high voltage needed to turn it on, and the shortened life this high voltage causes.

• The Earth’s equatorial circumference (40,075 km) is greater than its polar circumference (40,008 km).

• Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.


~ by kuiperactive on July 23, 2009.

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