Fun Facts, April 9

This week’s trivia is honoring Good Friday and the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus…. SOLI DEO GLORIA!!!


• Good Friday is an observance of Christ’s death on the cross

• Originally a day of fasting in preparation for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection

• Procession from Gethsemane to sanctuary of the cross began in 4th century Jerusalem, creating basis for 14 stations of the cross

• Catholicism memorializes with reading of the passion of Christ, veneration of the cross, and communion consecrated the previous day

• Protestantism preaches a service on the seven last words of Christ

• The Day of Annunciation, or the day that it was revealed to Mary that she would conceive a child of God, sometimes coincides with Good Friday, in which case some churches will then practice mass

• The Vespers of Good Friday is a tradition in which a figure of Christ is removed from the cross at 3pm, as the Bible gives that time for the hour of Christ’s death

• Most countries with Christian tradition reserve Good Friday as federal holiday

• Many countries prohibit alcohol from being sold on this day

• Germany outlaws public dancing on Good Friday

• Kites are flown in Bermuda to symbolize the cross and Jesus’ ascension to heaven


~ by kuiperactive on April 9, 2009.

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